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JUI support.

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PostPosted: June 15th 2010, 17:09 Download Post


As you all know, Jui from Vidoll has a blood clot in his throat, resulting in Vidoll's hiatus. Below is Jui's blog post regarding this incident.


I’m sorry.
I told one lie
to all of you.
I’m really sorry.
Since the spring of last year,
I was feeling some pain in my left vocal chords.
I wasn’t able to hit that falsetto that I’m so proud of.
Then, during our summer tour last year,
it became obvious,
and it was really, really tough,
I forgot how to sing.
I thought that I had to do it, no matter what,
so I went to the hospital
and they gave me some strong medication.
Throughout our long tour, with twenty stops,
Sometimes, everyone’s concerns, worries and encouragement
ended up changing
into this huge pressure on me.
But, I’m a professional, so I had to keep doing my best.
That’s what I told myself.
So at the very least, I could my best to sing,
I stopped talking,
I stopped singing,
until the very last moment, I’d rest my body.
I ended up being depressed on my own.
Before long,
autumn turned into winter, and the seasons passed,
and during that time the pain still hadn’t gone away,
and I become more and more stressed.
In February of this year, when we were rehearsing for Shun’s birthday event,
even though I had done a pretty good job at resting my voice,
I still couldn’t do that falsetto.
When I went to the hospital,
the told me, “you have a big blod clot”,
and upon hearing what they had to say, I was honestly shocked.
But, in my blog,
I lied, and said
“My throat is doing fine, and I’ve recovered”.
I am truly sorry.
Now I’m at the point where if I don’t use an inhaler, I can’t sing properly.
On this past tour, I couldn’t sing in Sendai and in Kashiwa,
Something would happen, like I’d lose my inhaler, or it’d break
And without the steroids, my voice would wear out.
Lying like that, and being on stage, I felt irritated with myself,
and being overrun with emotions, there were tears, and anger,
and I took it out on you, who have nothing to do with it.
I can’t do any long tours.
Without earphones, I can’t sing at all.
After a 30 minute event, I’ve reached my limit.
I hate lying about this [and won't anymore].
I’ve decided to take some time off to get treatment.
I’ll be having surgery.
In this past year and a half,
I thought over and over that maybe, I should stop singing.
I feel like God,
has come to me and said,
“You have to stop singing”.
But, I’ve had this dream since middle school,
and at least, little by little, with you and the members that dream is coming true…
I can’t think any other work except singing,
there are still countless songs left in me,
God has something special planned for me.
Because I’ve been able to captivate people, even if it’s just a few,
and even if it’s just a bit, I’ve been given the power to be able to sing.
With that being the case,
so that I can in the future put even more effort into [my singing], I’ll keep moving forward,
that’s what I’ve vowed.
This is the first time I’ve been so honest,
I don’t know how much can be cured,
and letting this all out, is scary.
I will definitely
come back
So, please believe
in me
and in Vidoll
and wait for us.
We’ll put all our energy into the lives we have left,
and when I’ve made a complete recovery, we’ll be back,
will always make me happy.
Thank you for reading this until the end ☆
Rame, Happy Birthday.

Taken from :

Due to this, I'm am starting up this project called "JUI support". In this project, we'll have multiple projects, most that includes projects of different methods to encourage Jui during Vidoll's hiatus.

So here's the first project.

This project is a mass collection of photos. Photos of fans with encouraging messages from the fans behind the photo. The photos will be arranged nicely and sent to Jui in a nicely decorated photo album. PHOTOS SHOULD BE PRINTED OUT ON A5 PHOTO PAPER.

Those who are interested, please message me. Fans who do not know how to write in Japanese can write their message down in English on a seperate piece of paper and give it to me, I'll help you translate and write down on the back of your photo.

I am running this project in a forum called SG Cafe as well. If any of you live outside of Asia, you can always send me your photo and message online, I'll help to print out and write the message.

Please give me your support for this project.


1. willows-elegy
2. Rekka
3. Mijipon
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-Credits to Hachi-chan- <3
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PostPosted: July 20th 2011, 08:02 Download Post

Wow.. I haven't heard anything about it.. that's awful!
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